Cosmetic   Teeth Whitening

With a My Smile treatment you’ll get visibly whiter teeth. It involves cosmetic teeth whitening with the help of a special whitening gel with active oxygen molecules.





Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is a kind of cosmetic tattoo on the facial area. This is how, for example, long-lasting lip liner or tint as well as eyeliner and brow tattoos are done, with micro fine coloured pigment in the top layer of the skin.


Medical         Skin Care

Dr. Schrammek’s special treatment


New skin in 5 days – with this promise, Christine Schrammek has achieved the biggest feat of all 50 years ago. She has helped women who suffer from impure or damaged skin get clean.


Beauty Lifestyle Party


A Beauty Lifestyle Party is a small but most importantly private beauty presentation amongst friends for you.

Your little musing, wishes and desires take centre stage. And this magical party with surprises like information about filler injections, long-lasting beauty like Permanent Makeup Lifestyle Fashion etc., brings each woman a palpable step closer to at least one of her dreams.


Every Monday I invite 3-5 women to our party. Register for free now at


We have champagne and finger food for you!

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